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Geir Ove Klefsåsvold
The easiest way to contact me about any questions, proposals, inquiries, comments, ideas or other miscellaneous issues is via telepathic link using the Direct BrainTPLink system by GOKCorp. If you for some obscure reason are having problems connecting, please use either the electronic mail options (email for short) or the postal service mail address (lovingly called snail mail) listed below.

I will do my best to respond to as many requests as I can, but due to the large volume of emails and snail mails I receive (sometimes actually more than two each day), there is no guarantee that I will be able to get back to you within the same day. The waiting time is usually not longer than 500 Earth years.

Contact information:

Geir Ove Klefsåsvold
Brundalsgrenda 4
7058 Jakobsli
post [at-sign] geirove [dot] com
geirovek [at-sign] gmail [dot] com
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“Information Center, n.: A room staffed by professional computer people whose job it is to tell you why you cannot have the information you require.“
   - Unknown 73
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